IT Office Uganda provides  services in her areas of expertise using best practices that ultimately mean high levels of service provision and reliability.

We have a proven team of IT professionals trained to provide guaranteed service levels for support and maintenance contracts. We have rapid access to expert assistance, coupled with a dynamic and adaptable workforce. We work with a host of strategic partnerships in Africa, Europe and Asia to tackle the design and implementation of challenging and Complex IT solutions.

Professional Technical IT Services

PC and Printer Maintenance

We provide Preventive maintenance to your existing IT equipment and facilities in satisfactory working condition that keeps them operating at peak efficiency.


We offer the consulting expertise and technology support know-how you need to start your move to the next IT era now, be it at home or in your business.

Managed Services

We Provide hardware and software installation services which help set up IT equipment and software that your business requires to flourish

Security Solutions

We offer tailor-made Digital  security solutions for business, organizations and personal projects to protect your information against all kinds of threats.